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The Results of Statistical Treatment of Idling and Load Losses in Distribution Power Transformers that Operate for an Extended Period of Time. The scope of this study is the analysis of employers’ satisfaction in quality of professional training in specialized secondary and higher educational establishments, further vocational education (FVE) and evaluation of the industry needs in the nanoindustry personnel in the future. During his journey along the Caucasus in 1920-1930, the author shows a great desire to prevent the danger of the new war and calls to fight for peace and freedom.

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1481-1493 | Article Number: iejme.2016.133 Published Online: August 26, 2016 Article Views: 448 | Article Download: 482 On the modern stage, the layer-by-layer production of components using additive technologies became possible. The article briefly represents the results of the monitoring of nanoindustry market. The Problem of Evaluative Categorization of Human Intelligence in Linguistic World Images. Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration in the Presence of Distributed Generation. The quality of a product and consumer characteristics of uppers material depend on the adhesive strength of the leather coating and the properties of coating compositions. (2013) Composite shoe upper and method of making same: US 8429835 B2 Ibragimov, R. Teacher Beliefs toward Using Alternative Teaching Approaches in Science and Mathematics Classes Related to Experience in Teaching. All these multiple deformations cause the wear of the shoe upper parts.

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