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“Jenny is completely in the dark, I don’t want to be there, and Paul keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.” ended its first season in September and was renewed last month for two more seasons. “I thought maybe we’d get a season 2, 20-episode order and they would make it a longer season,” he says.

“This is every bit as good, if not better.” “I’m just glad we’re going to have that kind of engagement over a long period of time.

It seems that the fans who watched the show really loved it. They really seemed to get what we were trying to do.” “It’s got some glitz and glam, but it really has a lot of heart.

I think what allowed for that to manifest, and the scope and narratives…[to be] able to tell [those stories] with some real gravity was the talent on the show.

Mar Vista came to me and wanted me to read the script and they were interested in me to play Tom,” he recalls. I suggested [they] give Hallmark first shot at purchasing this because it’s really up their alley.“When I read the pilot script….where Sutton says, ‘I don’t want to have a secret relationship anymore, I deserve to have a more fully realized relationship.I deserve to be taken out and asked out on dates…’ and Richard says, ‘Yes, great, I’m in, let’s do that,’ [that] is what I wanted to explore. If their storyline had been ‘will they/won’t they’ or ‘do they/don’t they want to,’ I don’t know that I’d have been interested.” “I got a little frustrated because the majority of scenes throughout the season were phone calls.The were snapped kissing and cuddling as they went shopping in the Big Apple.The new couple enjoyed lunch together in the West Village before walking away from the restaurant hand-in-hand.

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