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you wont even feel bored after watching each episode and you also wont get bored with the couple because they are so cute together totally recommened it , this drama is so great daebakk 10/10 hmmmmm i really love drama .this drama is so good that you wont even feel bored after watching each episodes , you also wont feel bored with the couple because they are so cute together , this drama is totally great , way more better than any drama this year 10/10 In my opinion, If I will conclude the ending, Hyunjae will stay and be with Wooseung.But for me the drama have a good plot, it's unique. I really really like really appreciate I love the drama. Hyun-Jae and Woo-Seung was such a fun pair to watch and I actually rooted for them for them. By the end I just thought I'd like to see an entire season lead by Ji-Hoon, MC Drill, MJ, and Do Hye-Ri since their scenes never bore me, especially with MC Drill. If you don't listen or read the story well of course you wouldn't understand how good and well done this drama made. It's not masterpiece, not so well plotted all along the drama, in my opinion, but it just go with the flow of life. So if consider it as Slice of life drama, it's pretty good and very enjoyable. There were some moments that made me shed a tear and some that were so weird, but I loved this drama and thought the cast was perfect. but now this drama has end there goes my Sat & Sun.... I don't really care about that anymore, since the other things are more important than that.All I can say this drama is so heart warming and the Best! Some holes are still there without being filled at the end but that's how life is, nothing is certain. This drama is not flawless, but sure it's a good one.However, due to the fun and comedic vibes every episode, I happened to enjoy the moment and let the mysteries slide.For one, I love how each character was given time to be understood and every character is not left out.Hyun-Jae accidentally slides down the stairs of a building where his management office is located and his momentum takes him all the way out of the building. The car is driven by Ji-Hoon, Woo-Seung and MC Drill (Dong Hyun-Bae). I also love Mal seok character, she is so cute :* Really good drama. A very big thumbs up for all the casts and production team. Now i am addicted to him and have watched all of his old dramas too. Yoon Si Yoon is a great actor and others actors are also great. I hope Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Si Yoon and Yoo Ho Jin will worj together again. I'm curious beacuse Hyun Jae disappeared in 1993 and he appeared in the time of 2017 but when he travel back and appeared in year 1994 there is a second Hyun Jae? But it can't be help, I love Produce101 too XD (they did bring down Pd101's rating for 1% in their 1st ep though) Still, it has the highest rating among all the dramas airing at the same time for almost every eps (woman of dignity pass through them later but that one was really extremely good, enough to get award so it deserves) but as Ra PD said in the prologue episode, they didn't care about rating, they just hope they can finish the drama without a problem : D and I really enjoy it. I've never gave a review on dramas before but really this drama is really good ?? Well, all in all, the kdrama was really good and enjoyable, I had a good laugh, jinjja!!! So if you watch it without thinking much, just enjoy the slice of life that the drama present and the funny scenes, you'll enjoy it. It happens more often than you can think of so move on and accept the fact that we're livin' in the 21st century where everything is possible.. im gonna miss this show Sayounara The finale will be aired tonight but I've been feeling empty since last week.

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In 2017, Gwang-Jae now runs a small entertainment company. But one thing for sure, it's a good comedy drama for anyone who prefer light-hearted drama. sounds confusing but if you think about it, hyun jae with wooseung right now is hyun jae from 1993, which would mean at the time he was single (not with bo hee therefore not ji hoon's dad) if it was the hyun jae from 94 who loved boo hee and fathered jihoon coming back and romancing wooseung then yea i would say its weird and gross but if you think about it, its not so i think their love is completely fine.Ji-Hoon pretends to study for his civil service exam, but he actually spends his time as a trainee for top entertainment company Star Punch. Dong Gu was superb, can be funny and dramatic at the same time. And I hope that more people would be able to watch it. "with the romance" once he learn that he had created a son & had sense of humor battlefield love for Bo-Hee with Kwang-Jae this would've been a "beautiful family drama", once he had to go back to 1993, all memories of 2017 would've fade away, I am no writer or director, I am grateful to this site for letting me make comments and give my opinion, thank to this website This drama is soooo feel-good that I don't want it to end. He made it once on Sassy Girl, where he gave up his shoes to Ji Hyun. i have to watch the last episode wish me luck yeezuz waaahhh the ratings though koreans dont appreciate stuff like this ,. Knowing that the last 2-episode of this superb drama will be aired tonight makes my heart feel empty but lookin at the brighter side at least this show makes my weekend alil bit complete...Meanwhile, Woo-Seung (Lee Se-Young) is Ji-Hoon’s friend and she has studied to become a civil servant for the past 3 years. Yoo Hyun-Jae as always you did a great job and Choi Woo-Seung you are just so perfect, why haven't I noticed u before? Its a funny and fun show don't put to much thought into it and just enjoy. Kim Min Jae is the actor to look out for, he will be a bright star. at first i was like mehh but it really kept going and made me interested its really a great drama ,.. Adios da bong and friends hop to see them again in another shows soon..To be honest, I didn't know I'd get hooked with this drama coz the plot is kind of absurd and till now I haven't gotten a clue as to why Hyunjae suddenly traveled all the way to 2017.Whenever I watch time-travel dramas, I tend to be critical, always asking and requiring the dramas to answer the whys.

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