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But, after mentioning this to another online friend, I was reminded that if I didn’t try, then I’d never know.As a result, I sent Olivia an email and planted the seed, so to speak. She said that she had been reading the enema scenes over and over and that they always got her going.I later found out that she dropped off to finish what I had started for her.I felt relieved knowing that I had not scared her off in some way.After doing the text scenes with you, it’s almost like I know what’s coming, so I feel safe, especially since we’ve met now.” “Well, thank you, Olivia. Aside from the shoes being beautiful in their own right, they made Olivia’s legs and ass just pop. She came padding out in her bare feet with her hair up in a towel, wearing her new robe.We realized that we had better get back and start getting cleaned up for dinner. She strode up to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips and said, “Thank you, Daddy. It’s very beautiful and it feels fantastic.” I got a small payback when I saw her bare bottom in the mirror as she reached up to hug me. “Reflective surfaces shined upon me.” I stated in my defense as I put my hands up. Of course I was beaming from ear to ear to have such a beautiful young lady on my arm; even if she did look like my daughter, or younger.

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It was a shame I couldn’t see through the shower curtain. To transcend the slightly sex charged bond we had already created. I took Olivia’s face into my hands and asked her, “Are you ready to begin, my dear? Why do you think I called you that in the store today?I dropped Olivia at her car and I followed her to the hotel. “It looks great from here,” I said as I looked in the mirror. Olivia giggled and walked off to finish getting ready. It seemed as though Olivia was enjoying herself immensely as well.I got a recommendation at the front desk for a nice restaurant for dinner and called and made a reservation while Olivia was in the shower. She realized what I was looking at and smacked my arm after letting go of me, feigning mock disgust. She was sporting a huge smile herself, looking and feeling fantastic.I thought to myself, “This will never happen unless it’s online or in your twisted old mind.” I stowed away my thoughts after realizing the fruitlessness of pursuing such nonsense.What eighteen year old girl would ever agree to such a suggestion from a guy my age?

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