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They come in the form of: "I like this story so please don't pair Ginny with Harry", "I liked this story, despite Ginny being paired with Harry", "I usually don't read Ginny stories, but I liked this one", etc. I enjoy writing and sharing is fun (just like they taught us in kindergarten. Other than something like that, I truly don't understand.

I now believe that a lot of the "Ginny-hate" can be laid at either the feet of JKR who spent very little time developing Ginny (80perc) or by people being too lazy to think about and understand what JKR did (or her writing style if that explains it better for you) (20perc).

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Therefore, all girls but Hermione are essentially unknown (or a blank slate).

Writing only happens when I have time and I'm not paid for this.

This is the order I'd like to write them in, but no guarantees.

That's not much information to glean about how Ginny thinks, feels, or anything else on very many subjects (Ron saying "Ginny likes..." doesn't count very much to me because we all know Ron is wrong a lot of the time, and he doesn't talk about Ginny much anyway).

That is true of all other girls, except for Hermione, and only because she hung around with Harry.

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